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Email Creation

Professional Looking Emails

Wangberg Printing Consultants will work with you to create sharp, professional looking emails to suit your every need. Supply your own art or let us put one of our talented designers on the task.


Hundreds of Templates- Choose from several dozen main templates and combine them with a large library of smaller inserts. Add text and pictures and, voila!, we're done. HTML email with graphics, yet inexpensize and fast.

Matching a Template to Your Logo- Many main templates can be matched to a color in your logo, or select from over 16 million color choices.

Fully Graphic Freeform HTML

The power of great graphics- Create truly custom graphics using any one of several web authoring programs. Do it yourself or turn it over to us.

Automatic Link Tracking & Broken Link Detection- Our tools search for all of the links in your HTML message and report any that are broken, so we can fix them and ensure that you can get click-through reporting.


When time is at its shortest, a text-only message gets your message out the quickest.

Spam Check

We now provide a way to check your email campaign for potential spam terms/phrases before launching. We scan your content and report on any btrigger words that might cause your email to be stopped by a spam filter.

Based on the reports findings, you can either make changes to your email content or proceed with your launch "as is". Since spam filters are set up to stop unsolicited email, we want to make sure that your legitimate email does not contain any terms or phrases commonly associated with spam.