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Wangberg Printing Consultants takes delivering your email through the ISPs then into the inbox very seriously. As an active member of the Email Service Provider Coalition (ESPC), our Deliverability Team takes special care making sure that our service is spam-free and compliant with federal regulations, including the 2003 CAN SPAM Act.

Our Deliverability Team Manages and Monitors the Following:

IP Monitoring- Monitors our IPs are not being abused.

ISP Relations- Creates relationships with Postmaster Groups at ISPs.

AOL Whitelist Management- Manages the AOL feedback loop where AOL sends us daily anyone who clicks on "This is Spam" is unsubscribed from your account.

Abuse Monitoring- Monitors abuse@ complaints as well as unsubscribe rates from your customers.

Campaign Review- Views each campaign sent through our system ensuring no spam get through.

CAN SPAM Compliance- Enforces 2003 Federal CAN SPAM act compliant guidelines on behalf of all our customers.

ISP Technical Specs- Engages with Microsoft, Yahoo! and AOL to ensure our email headers comply with "header" specifications.

Our Deliverablity Engine Includes the Following:

Spam Check- This tool will filter your content to ensure that your email will not be mistaken for spam. Too much punctuation in your subject line or FREE in all caps will be caught by many ISP filters, so before we mail, we chack your content and suggest any necessary changes.

List Check- Whe we first recieve your list, we'll scan it for any improperly formatted addresses you might have. Furthermore, we'll check to see if you have any addresses that might be spams traps. We'll also look at the prefixes to ensure you don't have any abuse@, spam@, or any other addresses that might look suspect.