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Email Reporting

With iBuilder's reporting, you'll have access to the results of your email campaign in real-time directly from your browser! Day or night, weekend or weekday you can view all statistics associated with your campaigns whenever you like.

Tracking Includes:

  • Sent - View the number of total emails that were sent after de-duplication, and removing any unsubscribes and bounces.
  • Opens – View how many recipients opened your HTML email.
  • Unsubscribes – iBuilder provides number of unsubscribes you’re receiving from your campaigns which include any AOL complaints.
  • Bounced – View the number of bounced emails that didn't get through to your recipients.
  • Click-Through Performance-  View your click-through rate on any links you have contained within your email.
  • Domain Tracking – View statistics on your top domains (AOL, Yahoo!, MSN) including number sent, opened, clicked, bounced, and unsubscribed for each domain.
  • Campaign Comparison Statistics -  Graphs and charts enable you to compare response for up to 5 campaigns.
  • Response Curve Reporting – Graphs inform you how your campaign did for the first 5 hours as it relates to clicks and opens.
  • Download Center – Download your bounced and unsubscribe email, as well as those who clicked and opened your email.
  • Non-Responder Download – Download those who did not click or open and follow up with a different subject line enticing them with a different offer or article.

iBuilder presents your data in easy-to-view charts and diagrams, enabling you to evaluate the performance after your emails are sent. You can determine what is working and what's not so you can make sure you are sending out the most effective emails to your customers and prospects.

Domain Report Campaign Comaprison Report