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As a result of the signing of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, many companies have begun working diligently to consolidate a “global” unsubscribe file for their email database. Ideally, this list will be continuously updated, in real-time, and can be used as a storage center for any/all email addresses that should never receive email.

The truth of the matter is that many companies have their data spread out over multiple channels and their record-keeping for unsubscribe processing might be out-of-date. iBuilder, available through Wangberg Printing Consultants, has been an exception to this trend because all email campaigns sent through our system have unsubscribes updated and archived. We would now like to share these services with your company as a way to help manage your internal and external unsubscribe databases.

  • Opt-Out Form Creation - We will build a customized opt-out web form that will be included in every email and electronic newsletter we send for you.
  • Opt Out-Form Generator - Copy and paste a few lines of code into your web site and your opt-out form instantly appears.
  • Instant Unsubscribe Processing - Once it’s live, any email address that is entered and submitted will automatically be added to the global unsubscribe list within your account. This address will be blocked from being mailed to or loaded into your iBuilder account.
  • Offline Uses - If you receive a non-electronic removal request you can simply add their email address into the Opt-Out form and submit. Even if that person’s email address does not reside on any of your current lists, by adding their address you can ensure that they will never be mailed from your iBuilder account in the future.

Why use the iBuilder Opt-Out Form?